ZnC Zamak

Manufacturer of Zamak (Zinc Die Casting Alloys)
Supplier of Zinc Ingot

We are one of the leader firms in the manufacturing high quality zinc alloys (zamak) and trading of zinc ingot

Zamak products are used in many everyday applications, from buckles , cars and furniture components to automobile, electrical and mechanical hardware.
  • SHG 99.995%
  • HG 99.99%
  • HG 99.98%
  • MIL-A-18001K
  • ZAMAK 12
  • CGG 0,4%
  • CGG 0,7%
  • ZAMAK 2
  • ZAMAK 3
  • ZAMAK 5
  • ZAMAK 7
  • ZAMAK 8
  • ZAMAK 27
  • CGG 5%
  • CGG 10%

Some of Products

Zinc Die Casting Alloys (ZAMAK)

As a custom manufacturer of components we serve many different industries.

SHG Zinc
SHG Zinc

Special High Grade Zinc

LME Approved Brands Special High Grade Zinc (SHG 99.995%)

Zinc Ingot located in our bonded warehouse in Turkey (entrepôt).

LME Zinc Origin depends which brand in our stock

Die Casting Products

Zamak (zinc alloy) die casting products. We produce zinc die cast components ( zinc die casting parts )
Zinc Galvanizing Alloys
Zinc Galvanizing Alloys

Zinc Galvanizing Alloys

We produce zinc batch galvanizing alloys and zinc continuous galvanizing alloys
silicone rubber
silicone rubber

Silicone Rubber

We are supplier for silicone rubber and silicone additives.

Why We Are Different

Induction Melting Systems

Induction Melting Systems

Metallurgically homogeneous ingots from start to finish of each batch
Induction Melting Systems

Not include scrap or recycle

Our production dont use scrap raw materials


More than 20 years experience in our specialized industries
Zamak Ingot

Excellent Service

Our objective is to provide an excellent customer service to our partner.


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