Product Code: ZAMAK-12

Zamak 12  has been developed for use as a general purpose foundry alloy. Its unique properties enable it to be cast using any of the conventional gravity casting processes.

ZL12 is a strong, sound alloy capable of casting thin sections and intricate details.

It can be cold chamber pressure die cast using a similar process to that used for making Aluminium pressure castings

The casting properties of ZL12 enable it to compete favourably with other cast metals such as Iron, Brass, Bronze and Aluminium Alloys.

ZL12 has excellent machining characteristics, good corrosion resistance and requires only the minimum of surface preparation for easy electroplating or painting.

The original specification for this alloy was developed by the International Lead Zinc Research organisation

We guarantee that our products are consistent with international standards and we commit minimum wastage. We achieve this with our high-tech analysis


ZAMAK 12 price :  (For LME Price check zinc price


                          0-5 tons           : LME + 650 USD  per ton  Ex Works Our Factory

                                           5-10 tons         : LME + 600 USD  per ton  Ex Works Our Factory

                          10-20 tons       : LME + 550 USD  per ton  Ex Works Our Factory

                          Over 20 tons    : LME + 500 USD  per ton  Ex Works Our Factory


Our Factory : Kartepe Kocaeli-Turkey :,30.0501883,14z?hl=en-US


Order : 1 container (20 DC ) = 27 tons or Truck 20-25 tons


Payment term:  %30 deposit + %70 Cash Advance (before loading container)


( Our some customer wants to get order 1 months or 2 months later, so they pay %30 deposit and lock LME price. After deposit payment LME changing not effects to our customer)


Delivery Term : 3 days after full payment ( For 27 tons)


LME Price will be confirmed after the deposit payment has been confirmed.

Check your products with any international inspection company before loading container

Why Choose Us ?


1) Induction Cast System Technology

2) We don't use scrap material

3) We produce zamak from SHG and HG ingot.

4) We can produce special analysis zamak  

5) Competitive Price



Chemical composition 
 (in %)
AI 10.8 - 11.5
Cu 0.5 - 1.2
Mg 0.02 - 0.03
Pb ≤ 0.005
Cd ≤ 0.005
Sn ≤ 0.002
Fe ≤ 0.05
Ni ≤ 0.001
Si ≤ 0.05



Ingot Weight (Kg) 7 - 8
 Ingots Per Bundle 130 - 150
Weight (kg) 900 - 1050


Zamak Dimensions

Width (cm) 12
 Length (cm) 49
Thickness (cm) 3


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