Zinc Alloy Die Casting
Zinc Alloy Die Casting

High Aluminium Zinc Alloys A10

Corrosion resistance refers to how well a metal resists damage from oxidation or similar chemical reactions – usually over time. This means how well and how long a metal component can withstand certain environments while still maintaining functional integrity. For some, the aesthetics of a product are important, others rely on the functionality of the component for long-term wear.

High Aluminium Zinc alloys to supply or maintain the aluminium content of the zinc bath for hot-dip galvanization of fabricated products and continuous galvanizing of tube, wire or sheet. Alloy with an Al content selected to give the best aluminium incorporation efficiency.

Product of Origin : Turkey (Our Production)

Min Order             : 5 tons  (FOB 25 tons / EXW  5 – 25 tons)

20 DC Container  : 25 tons

Delivery Time       : 3 – 7 days after full payment

Factory Location  : Kocaeli / Turkey

Loading Ports        : Port of Evyap – Yilport  DP World

Payment Term      : 100% TT  ( 30% deposit + 70% before loading )

 LME Price will be confirmed after the deposit payment has been confirmed.

High Aluminium Zinc Alloys A10 Chemical Composition

wdt_ID Guaranteed Analysis (in %) High Aluminium Zinc Alloys A10
1 Al 9.5 - 10.5
2 Pb ≤0.01
3 Cd ≤0.003
4 Fe ≤0.02
5 Sn ≤0.001
6 Cu ≤0.03
7 Mg ≤0.02
8 Ni ≤0.002
9 Zn Balance