About Us

Nimet Maden Corporation is one of the leader firms in the manufacturing and trading of high quality zamak alloys, zinc gravure and zinc ingot in Turkey. Our products are produced with Induction Cast System Technology which enables us with maximum product quality and costumer satisfaction.

We keep quality and costumer satisfaction in the first place. Therefore, we continuously increase quality standards together with lowering price by the R&D studies. We also make trade mark studies and brand positioning by knowing the importance of brand.

We guarantee that our products are consistent with international standards and we commit minimum wastage. We achieve this with our high-tech analysis and manufacturing machines with our qualified and experienced work force.

Our R&D projects are conducted with Turkish Science and Technology Research Foundation (TUBITAK). Cooperating with universities and other research institutions, our projects are performed in international standards. By a new project called “Developing Cast quality and speed by automation in Zamak Production”, we plan to make higher quality zamak with faster production. 

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